Science fiction novel.

Adventure, aliens, rescues, it’s all in there.

My Return to Planet Earth

by Peter Lewis Atkinson  

Jake a Teenage boy from Earth; has a chance encounter with three enchanting teenage girls from another world. Jake is willingly smuggled aboard their spacecraft without the knowledge of their mothers. His incredible adventures include the pirate incident and his participation in the evacuation of an Alkarren colony facing an ongoing disaster. The people of Earth are far from ready for a first contact situation, let alone Earth ever being considered as a prospective new member of the Alliance of Independent Worlds. Earth faces a very great danger. Should steps now be taken?





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The continuing adventures of a human named Jake and his forever increasing alien family aboard their cargo ship. They run a busy family business that transports food and goods among alliance worlds, encountering various situations in the process. The human race would not have ever been considered ready for first contact, let alone membership of the alliance if it was not for a very good reason. The most deadly alien foe known to the alliance has its sights on Earth and is on a path to invade, not to conquer but to annihilate all the planets human inhabitants. Earths primitive weapons alone will not save them; this is where Jake can help. Jake has embarked on a quest and if successful; the people of Earth will have a fighting chance against the race known as the Silka. There is a big problem - time is fast running out!