Having been last made around 1964/65 these model trains can be 60 plus years old now. The magnets will have lost a lot of their magnetism over this time if they have not been re-magnetised. Two possibility’s, the first fit a neodymium magnet, second re -magnetise. Symptoms high current demand, poor stating, low torque, over heating leading to commutator failing.

Neodymium what is good?                                                    What is bad?

High torque.                                                                        Tends to be noisier.

Low current consumption.                                                     Magnets are too strong and will in time

Quick fix                                                                              wear the bearings.

                                                                                         High mirror finish and will deter from




Original Alnico magnet, after re- magnetising what is good?

High torque.

Low current.

Originality: looks right

Quieter than a neodymium.

Reduced bearing wear compared to a neodymium.

What is bad?

Loco will need to be taken  or sent to be magnetised.

Will need to be done again at some time in the future.

Original horseshoe magnets. These were never strong and even after re-magnetising their performance is not that great. Due to this we have a unique alternative, keeping the horseshoe magnet in place.




Low cost re-magnetising of loco

£6 for one loco £3 for each additional, must be ready to magnetise (we do not dismantle at this cost) body needs to be removed for Tank loco 0-6-2, 2-6-4, Duchess, BO BO, CO BO, CO CO, CITY. The castle and 8f with older half inch magnet will need their motor removed to re-magnetise. 0-6-0 shunter will require more dismantling. If not sure ask, or we can do it for you at £17.50 including basic service, if you have a none runner that turns out to be faulty commutator this will cost from £30

Horseshoe magnets loco please ask as not included in above costs

Postage & packing from £6.50 recorded or from £10 special delivery. Subject to weight.

You can bring loco chassis to us for a while you wait re-magnetise service by appointment

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Hornby Dublo, small lots or large. E-mail or phone with details